To the mixologist, concocting an exotic cocktail means experimenting with unusual spirits, fresh mixers and pushing the limits of bartending. To a chef, a memorable dish can mean fearlessly blending flavors from different cultures and creating new taste sensations. To the DJ, a sensational sound can come from a mash-up of genres mixed seamlessly with a driving bass line.  

In the same way, Kitchen Sink Productions looks to bring creative and unusual event experiences to those looking for something off the beaten path. Like our name implies, the only thing you can expect from us is the unexpected.

Kitchen Sink Productions wants to bring free spirit entertainment that has no boundaries. This is entertainment with no limits – and no presumptions. Our growing track record has included masquerade balls, themed concerts, Halloween mazes and unusual artist headliners. Our vision is to produce future events that are “happenings.”

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Welcome to the Kitchen Sink!

A little bit about Chris Perez.
Chris is a free spirit soul with a mind that is one-half entrepreneur and one-half entertainment junkie. He’s been faking a living in PR, marketing and events for long enough to have learned one thing: Exceptional happenings create exceptional memories. There’s plenty of entertainment to choose from in SoCal, but how much of it is normal and expected? Life is more exciting when we sometimes experience the unexpected.

A little bit about Kurt Tiedt...
There are some who live with a nonstop battle of wills between their left and right brains. Kurt is this guy. His left, analytical brain has helped him score a fair share of success in real estate investment; but he has constantly fed the creative right brain with a passion for entertaining friends. What a perfect mix for the business of event creation.